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Time Capsule looks at our relationship with possessions and place, questions the construction of human connections through physical objects, and contemplates our material and emotional legacy.


Through physical and visual exploration, this series shows snippets of a preserved life. 


Little has changed in the space which my grandparents have called home for the past 55 years. There is no other setting so profoundly rooted in my consciousness. It acts as a capsule where I can revert to my childhood innocence and curiosity but also become painfully aware of the passage of time. 


The work takes note of some of the pieces that construct this emotional oasis. Objects that were carefully curated and cherished, set aside, stored in a ritual-like manner, act as vessels of emotion, hibernating, waiting to be looked at, held...plastic flowers in an antique vase adorning the entrance hallway, a candy bowl hidden behind the blinds that secretly stored sweets for me when I was a child, a framed photo of my grandparents before they got married, a travel journal covering 14 years, and a corner of the bookshelf, so carefully filled to the brim by my late bibliophile grandfather...


It is a testament to one’s life and its lingering impact on their surroundings.

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